My NaNoWriMo’15 Novel

For the first time in forever, I’ve had something planned for NaNoWriMo months before November. Last year was just something I jumped into when I realized I had a novel somewhat planned. I used last year’s NaNoWriMo as a push to do it. And now I’m here, ready to do the second draft as this year’s novel.

First titled as “Flashlight” and then “Addison’s Run” and for NaNoWriMo last year, “Blight”.

This year, it will be titled as “Forgiven” which will be closer to the storyline than the original title I had used for it (“Blight”).

The story follows a 19 year old named Addison who’s moved all over the states her entire life with her father Jordan, a man with secrets he’s been keeping from Addi his entire life. After never being able to remember her dreams, she starts to remember strange night terrors that strangely feel as if they’re trying to tell her something, to warn her of a shadowy figure in each and every one of the dreams. Little to her knowledge, she’s an Abomination, half Soul Eater and half Human. The Soul Eaters call ones like her “Abominations” because being a proud species of immortals, crossbreeding is frowned upon and most Abominations in the past had been “executed” until Addison happened.

Addison is the daughter of the royal princess, Emeline, of the Soul Eaters, who fell in love with Jordan, a mortal. After committing Adultery to her husband Baylon du Frason weeks before their coronation, Emeline is executed while Jordan and their daughter are smuggled out of Europe with the help of Emeline’s lady’s maid Adele.

19 years later, Addison is starting to notice everything out of place in her life from healing instantly and never bleeding from injuries to how secretive her father is, to even the unknown reason why they really move around the States from year to year.

She’s a girl who’s never really fit in anywhere thanks to the moving, but this year, for her birthday, she’s managed to talk her father into staying for more than a year in a little town called Middlefield in Ohio.

Finally, she starts to begin to feel as if she belongs somewhere when she gets her first job at the town’s Bar & Grille and becomes friends with its owner Charles and her co-worker Tasia. But the only thing wrong with the picture is Drew, a handsome and mysterious towny who, for whatever reason, is cold and rude towards Addison. But no matter how much the both of them try to deny it, there’s a strange attraction stuck between Addison and Drew.

Enter in the strange near-death experience that leaves her worried for her life and forever in debt to the man who saves her: Drew.

It’s as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders and suddenly Drew’s more friendlier towards Addison, no matter how tense things still feel. An almost-kiss and coming to terms with jealousy towards Drew’s “girlfriends” leads to the two finally coming to terms with their feelings for one another.

But just when it’s getting good, Drew has to strangely leave town for a bit, unable to tell Addison why. And while he’s a way, a string of murders begin to circle around the town and a man that Addi waits tables on won’t stop glaring at her.

One night, Addi comes home to find almost the entire house in boxes. Not again. Her father had  promised her but something is so terribly wrong that Jordan is in hysterics, pushing Addison to march up to her room to begin packing.

So many things left unanswered and Addison snaps, refusing to pack as she hurries up to bury herself away in her room.

Like any scary movie, the house is suddenly eerily quiet and the lights aren’t working. She no longer hears her father packing downstairs and just as she calls out to him, she realizes she’s not alone in her room.

A cloth is put over her nose and mouth and her world goes black.

When Addison wakes up, she’s in the arms of Drew, who’s carrying her down a strange candle-lit hallway. There’s strange voices all around her, saying things like “Abomination” and “The Queen”. Confused, she tries to get Drew to communicate with her until she’s brought into a large room, that seemed to be the “throne room” of someplace where there’s a woman who’s somehow familiar to her, ordering someone to take Addison to a bedroom to sleep.

Addi, refusing to be torn from Drew’s arms, realizes that there’s more things left unanswered than she realizes there were. And just when the questions pile up, they’re finally answered by the strange woman who claims to be her “grandmother,” telling Addison about her entire past and why she’s there.

As the months pass by, Addison learns things such as: She’s half Soul Eater, half Mortal, but she’s far more powerful than any Soul Eater alive, she’s arranged to be married to Drew, her father is missing, Drew’s brother (who’s supposed to be exiled and believed to be dead) is probably behind it, Baylon seems to want to be more than friends with Addison, and most of all: her life is no longer hers.

Pushed into a society where she’s forced into training as what they call a “Soul Guard”, Addison is arranged to marry the one man who had torn her life apart just when it was finally built up at last. And that’s not all. her grandmother, Madeline, expects Addison to take on the throne of the Soul Eaters. It’s what the Fates have planned.

Drew’s exiled and supposedly-dead brother, Max, is very much alive and no longer just a Soul Eater. He’s now an Elite, half Vampire, half Soul Eater — invincible. And he wants Addi to lead his own people, to take over the human race that the Soul Eaters worked so hard to protect from the Vampires whether she likes it or not, or her poor father will be killed.

Busying herself with the marriage, Addi isn’t just fighting Max, but is also fighting her feelings for Drew, being that she’s trying to hate him for what he did to her. The spark is still there between them and weeks after their marriage, she finally caves in and forgives Drew, just when the Soul Eater’s kingdom, Preneur, is invaded by Vampires, Exiled Rogue Soul Eaters, and Elites. Addison witnesses a war and is stolen away by Baylon, who turns up to be the leader of all of this mess, taking Addi away with him to where the Vampires, Elites, and rogue Soul Eaters live.

I think I want to add in a love triangle between Addison, Drew, and Baylon. But still not too sure on it yet.

Annnnnnnd that’s as far as I’ve planned, believe it or not. But I have a feeling that more will come to me as I go through with the outline (which I have yet to even get halfway through…). I know some of it is just, “Wait. What?” Nothing is written in stone, luckily. ‘Cause that would suck.


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