My Week in a Nutshell (aka Gretchen dyes her hair and procrastinates on NaNo planning)

It feels as if it has been forever since I had last posted here, even though it had only been about a week or so. So much has happened between NaNo drama, getting back in the routine of actually reading, and other stuff.

  • NaNoWriMo: So not only have I been severely procrastinating in the whole world of NaNo prep, but I’m starting to have doubts. And it’s not just the usual doubts with writing I’m used to, but rather than something new. Last year was a jump for me. I didn’t expect to write like I did, nor did I expect to actually win. I mean, I’ve written fanfiction within a month in the past, but never anything over 30k words until last year. This year was looking good. I started planning before October, and then got super serious as soon as the date on my phone showed up as 10/1/2015. And all of a sudden, plot holes start to unravel further than they were to begin with, and then I try to fix them for NaNo, but nothing’s working. And the longer I try to fix them and fail, the more my poor #2 Draft outline goes unfinished. So I think this year I won’t try and go for the win. Instead, I’ll write what I can, when I can, and not push myself. Unless a miracle happens and my entire novel gets figured out by November 1st…
  • BOOKS! Yes. Books. I’ve recently bought myself Crimson Peak by Nancy Holder and I’m on chapter 7 and just oh my gosh. This book. Is amazing. Now I’m not one for ghost stories. They never struck my interest. But because this has such a good love story twisted in with it, and not to mention that the book (so far) is written beautifully, I’m in love.  I recommend it to anyone in the mood for a new romance that’s, well, historic. Coming from someone who’s favorite book of all time is Jane Eyre.
  • Hair: Yes. I dyed my hair. Finally. I tried to dye it before, but turns out the bottle dye I had gotten was too light to make a difference in my hair unless bleached. So I went to my local fancy shmancy hair salon and paid through my butt for my hair to be the color I intended on having. Hello pretty dark ginger (is that what you’d call it?) and goodbye ugly, dull dishwater blonde!

With all that said, I’m somehow hoping that reading this book will somehow inspire me to go about finishing my NaNo planning a different, maybe better way. And maybe get back on the bandwagon of wanting to win NaNo this year.


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