Why I Don’t Mind E-Readers Anymore

Books are expensive. It’s true. And while I totally get that authors are struggling artists and books have every right to be the price that they are at, they’re still a struggle for me to keep up with. I used to be able to get books from the library and read easily, but for some reason I started to feel stressed about only having the book for a week and having to manually renew it (with the chance someone was waiting for it) and I couldn’t read anymore from the library. So, I had to start buying my own books or be lucky that a friend offered to let me borrow theirs for as long as I wished.

I used to hate the idea of an e-reader. I thought it wasn’t right, that it was a disgrace to the very name of books. I even thought holding the legit book, getting to turn its pages, and even smell it was the best parts of reading.

But then it became National Reading Month and while I was browsing Amazon, they were advertising their basic Kindle for a decent price. I went to my local Staples (because anywhere else was out of stock) and got my very first Kindle/E-Reader. Also, at the time, I was in dire need of reading the Doctor Who mini novels (which are sold for great prices on Amazon).

Reasons I Enjoy my E-Reader More than the Physical Book:

  1. Most e-reader books are far more cheaper than the physical book.
  2. When a new book comes out, the e-reader book will be cheaper than a $20+ hardcover (so you don’t have to wait for it to go to paperback).
  3. You don’t have to worry about weighing your poor purse or luggage down with your group of books when you travel or go somewhere where you might need a book to entertain yourself.
  4. You don’t have to worry about ruining your physical books by keeping them in your locker, purse, backpack, messenger bag, etc.
  5. While you can easily just get e-books on your mobile, an e-reader has longer lasting battery power to save your phone’s battery. My Kindle can last for weeks without needing to be on the charger.
  6. My favorite part about my e-reader is that I can get free samples of books, to see if it’s really worth the buy.
  7. Save of space, as my bookshelf is nearly full and I don’t exactly have any more room in my bedroom for another bookshelf or anything to put more books in…

I’m not saying that you should go and buy yourself an e-reader if you haven’t already gotten one, but I’m just saying all of this, because I felt the need to share my opinion with anyone interested.


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