NaNoWriMo: Update, Video Games, and Black Friday

It’s official.

I’ve quit NaNoWriMo this year.

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NaNoWriMo: Update and Unfolding Scenes

As of tonight, I’m up to 23,401 words. That’s 26,599 words away from being able to win. Luckily for me, I’ve gotten over writer’s block thanks to the new scene ideas that have just come to me these past few days while writing. The more I write, the more new scenes unfold before me and I’m thankful for it. I’m glad I’m not dragging anymore. And I so totally can’t wait to get to Part 2. I’m a few more chapters away from it now and because I know Part 2 so well, I know it’ll be easier for me to squeeze out 5k words in a day.

This coming week will be a rough patch for my writing with the work schedule I have. I’m hoping I’ll have the energy in my spare time to sit down for at least a few hours to write, other wise I’ll glue myself before my xbox 360 and bury myself into Skyrim until I start to nod off.

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NaNoWriMo: Update and a Cheesy Scene from Forgiven

So as of tonight, I’m at 21,728 words. Which is good considering the busy day I have ahead of me tomorrow between the shift I managed to pick up at work, my eye appointment (which has been needed for years), and then trying to slow down and enjoy the rest of the day with my boyfriend. So now, a cheesy scene I shamelessly wrote rather terribly from my NaNo novel Forgiven:

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NaNoWriMo: Update, Silly Thoughts, and Plot Worries

Last night I had set a goal to get up to 15k words. Luckily, I had made it to at least 14.4k words, which to me, feels absolutely great! Only thing about it that doesn’t feel great was how I even got there.

I’m starting to drag with these chapters and to just write random scenes that are playing around in my head. I mean, I guess it’s better than nothing, but still, it doesn’t feel as productive as it should.

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NaNoWriMo: Update, Pinterest Board, and Music Playlist

NaNoWriMo is still going tough for me, as I’m currently only up to 9,823 words (and counting as I’m writing in between this WordPress writing break), but I’m confident to try and get up there. I guess.

I know, personally, something that’s definitely helping me out is inspiration help such as my Pinterest concept board for my novel and then the 8tracks playlist I’ve created for my novel for when I just want to sit down and listen to an entire playlist filled with songs that make me think, “Forgiven,” or, “Addison and Drew.”

Link to my Pinterest Forgiven Concept Board
Link to my 8tracks Forgiven Playlist

NaNoWriMo’15: Forgiven – Prologue


Cover Art by Platon Tz


Gretchen E. Fusselman

Ticking Bombs

What are you doing here? How-” Emeline’s soft-spoken words were cut off when Jordan pushed his index finger to her ruby lips.

He took a step closer to her and shook his head, holding a small, wry smile. “Never mind how I got here. I had to see you,” he whispered to her in hurried words.

Jordan took her champagne-gloved hands in his and Emeline’s lips stretched into a smile. Her eyes fluttered shut when Jordan leaned forward and kissed her forehead, generating a soft sigh through her lips. A single endearing gesture and she instantly felt at peace for the first time since she had last seen him.

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NaNoWriMo: Update and Mood Board

I’m sitting down to try and write at least one chapter (well, I want to try and go for two) and I know how I’ve mentioned a few posts ago that I wouldn’t really be doing NaNoWriMo this year after a bad start, but I’m working at it, in all honesty. So far, before I write tonight, I’m struggling at a total of 6,571 words. Ouch, right? I’m so behind I’m scared I won’t even make it. But I mean, I’m determined. Anyways. Here’s my NaNoWriMo mood board I’ve created as a sort of motivation.

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