My NaNoWriMo’s Forgiven: Inspiration and Influences

My NaNoWriMo novel Forgiven is built on inspiration. I built the entire world around it. And I’m not sure if it’s just me, or if all authors do the same thing, but it’s just how I even came up with such ideas. I know that a lot of writers get ideas, but do you guys base your ideas off of movies, books, and tv shows?

Brief Summary of Forgiven: Addison is an Abomination, half Soul Eater, half human. Or in other words, someone who should be dead. Thanks to her father, she believes she’s as normal as any human, until mysterious and handsome Drew comes into her life all the while strange happenings begin to occur like linked dreams, murders surrounding the town, and the fact that someone is clearly trying to kill Addison. Drew is on a mission for his freedom by order of the royal Soul Eaters, who’ve sent him out to find Addison and bring her in, who was supposed to be killed as an infant. His main problem: Addison has him wrapped around her finger. To turn her in means to betray her, and after doing so against his better judgement, Addison is furious with him for ruining her settled life. Now expected to take the throne of the Soul Eaters, Addison and Drew get thrown into an arranged marriage. And while Drew tries to get Addison to forgive him, Addison tries to find out what happened to her missing father all the while her suspicious and seductive future royal adviser Baylon is keeping her mind off of Drew.

I have so much references for the ideas in that damned novel, such as:

  1. Main Character’s friends Charles and Tasia were inspired by the Lutece twins from BioShock: Infinite, Fitz and Simmons from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and also Clint and Natasha from Joss Whedon’s Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron.In the novel, Charles and Tasia are close friends who work together at Charles’ restaurant. Happily taken by other people, the two act in-synced a lot, acting like twins. That’s what helps them work so well together in their side job as Vampire Slayers.
  2. Main Character’s romantic interest Drew Heart was originally based off of Blackheart from Ghost Rider, later Loki from Thor and Avengers, Psi from Doctor Who, and young Tom Riddle from Harry Potter.In the novel, Drew comes off as cold, unreadable most of the time, mysterious, and everything about him screams “danger” and “evil.” Aside from that, he’s secretly yearning for someone to call home, basically a monster under your bed who just needs a big hug. He’s a man who’s been scarred by his family, who’ve betrayed him and left him to pick up the pieces they left behind. Despite his past, he’s a natural-born leader and an instant romantic.
  3. Main Character Addison Winters was first loosely based off of Bella Swan from Twilight and later mainly based off of Allison Argent from Teen Wolf and even actress Crystal Reed.In the novel, Addison is a bright 18-19 year old who loves flowers and is struggling to find a place in this world. She wears her heart on her sleeve, is a heavy reader, as well as an artist. She quickly adapts despite her longing for things out of reach such as a happy ever after, someone to truly love her, and a place in this world to belong in.
  4. Addison and Drew’s relationship was first based off of Jane and Edward’s relationship in Jane Eyre as well as Bella and Edward from Twilight. It was later based off of a mix of relationships such as Tom and Hermione (“Tomione“) from the Harry Potter fanfiction base on Tumblr and (specifically the fanfic Nightmare by provocative envy), Jane and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, Wendy and Peter from 2004’s Peter Pan, Emma and Hook from Once Upon a Time, Allison and Scott from Teen Wolf, and then Elizabeth and Booker from BioShock: Infinite. In all honesty, it was originally based off of the classic story of Beauty and the Beast.I had always craved to read about a relationship so romantic, so twisted and forbidden. So I thought, “Why not write it myself?” In the novel, Addison and Drew’s relationship is naturally forbidden as the two try to deny their feelings for one another. And once they comes to terms with their feelings, they let loose. But once Addison claims he betrays her by turning her in to the Soul Eaters, she tries her best to hate him, but struggles being the fact that she’s madly in love with him. The majority of the novel is spent bruising herself by trying to hate him until she manages to fully forgive him, ending up with their happy every after.
  5. Addison’s second love interest and novel’s main antagonist Baylon du Frason hadn’t been created if it weren’t for Ezra from Pretty Little Liars and Dracula from Van Helsing (the one with Hugh Jackman). Bits and pieces of him had also been influenced by the short-lived character Loren from House of Night’s novel Chosen and even actor Ian Harding. Their relationship had also been influenced from the books, tv shows, and movies I had just referenced a few lines up. Aria and Ezra’s (“Ezria”) relationship in Pretty Little Liars, Anna and Dracula from Van Helsing, and Zoey and Loren from Chosen.Baylon is a mysterious, handsome aged Soul Eater who was born to be the perfect liar. Scarred by his past (being cheated on, getting the rights to the throne ripped out of his hands, etc) he does what he can to take back that power, even if it means changing what side he’s on.

    While Addison struggles to forgive Drew for turning her life upside-down so violently, she loses herself in her future royal adviser, who’s the only one around the kingdom that seems to be open to giving her the answers she had been searching for her entire life. But like my favorite side-romances, this one comes with the price, such as Baylon stabbing Addison in the back and ending up being behind her father’s disappearance and the war between Vampires and Soul Eaters. While their relationship is strictly filled with lust, there’s no chance for Baylon to be forgiven for the mess he’s created.

  6. The Soul Guard was based off of the Night’s Watch in Game of Thrones.In the novel, the Soul Guard is a punishment for breaking Soul Eater laws. A Guard literally sells themselves to their people to help protect mortals and Soul Eaters from Vampires, Warlocks, and anything that poses a threat to them. They’re given ranks and the higher the rank, the more freedom they’re given. Very few are given an amount of time to be in the Guard, depending on their crimes, most are in it until their deaths.

That’s literally all I can think of right now. If I think up anymore, I might make a new post labeled the same titled added on “Continued.”


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