NaNoWriMo: Update and a Cheesy Scene from Forgiven

So as of tonight, I’m at 21,728 words. Which is good considering the busy day I have ahead of me tomorrow between the shift I managed to pick up at work, my eye appointment (which has been needed for years), and then trying to slow down and enjoy the rest of the day with my boyfriend. So now, a cheesy scene I shamelessly wrote rather terribly from my NaNo novel Forgiven:

Addison got up and her foot tangled against the rug in front of her bookshelf, her coffee went flying against Drew’s chest and earned a sigh from him. Luckily, it wasn’t scalding hot coffee, or even hot for that matter. The amount of time she sat waiting for him plus the cool added creamer swerved around the chance of burning him.

Her cup missed the hardwood floor and safely landed on the rug beneath her vanity. Drew let out a cool chuckle and grabbed Addison’s arm, helping her to her feet as she brushed her hair out of her face and gulped visibly, looking up at Drew through thick lashes.

“Sorry…” she honestly whispered.

Drew smirked down at her and then out of nowhere, pulled his coffee-stained shirt over his head and balled it up in his fist carelessly. He took a step close to Addison.

“You did that on purpose,” he said as he took another step closer to her.

She felt his chest brush against hers and she held her breath, averting her eyes from him as she tried to look anywhere else.

“I did not,” she assured him, appalled at both the assumption and his closeness. She tried to take a step back but he still held onto her arm, keeping her close.

She felt him looking down at her and she shivered violently.

And suddenly he dipped down and trapped her lips in his.


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