2k16: Video Games, Gym, Writing, Reading, Food, Makeup, and more Writing

Christmas is finally over for me, which means all the craziness has died down a smidge. Which also means that I’ll finally be able to get back into my ol’ writing routine.

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Post Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Food

Weird people make weird posts, or so I’d like to think to make me feel better about posting the weirdest post I’ve yet to post. For some time now, I’ve wanted to share my input on foods one can eat during the Wisdom teeth extraction healing process, for whatever reason (even I don’t know, so don’t ask).

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Post NaNo and Writing Updates

Hey there, WordPress. Feels like I haven’t posted in forever even though it’s only been a few weeks. I know. I know. Bleh. Only a part of me is upset I didn’t get to win NaNo this year, the other part is positive that next year I’ll try again and maybe, just maybe, I’ll win. As of now, I’m still focusing on my novel, but just not every single day.

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