Forgiven: Original Novel Update

So now that I actually have a desktop computer up and running, entirely mine, I feel like that comes with the responsibility to organize and focus more on my original novel that I had recently quit NaNoWriMo with.

I’m almost to part 2 of the novel (yes, still) and the fact that part 2 is the most major part of the novel, I feel it’s a good time to reconnect with my characters and the story.

This means I’ll be reviewing myself by reconstructing things like the:

  • Family Tree
  • World Building
  • Character Profiles/Descriptions/Bios
  • Scenario practices to better acquaint myself with each and every major character.
  • Full Story Outline
  • Story & Character Playlists/Soundtracks
  • Character Drawings

That also means I’ll be working on my Novel Preparation pdf I’ve been thinking of doing here and there!

I hope this means I’ll be able to focus on my novel more, because weirdly enough since I got a new keyboard, I feel inspired to write. Yeah. It’s weird. But I have a thing with keyboards similar to what I have with journals.

I’m determined to base 2016 around my focus on my baby — Forgiven.


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