Hide Away: Chapter One

Summary: Living a quiet life with her widowed and busy father, Allison is just trying to survive what’s left of her Senior year in high school. While making final decisions for college and trying to prove to her father that she doesn’t want to work for him at his publishing company, she meets Darren, the man who just might be what’s missing in her life and may just be the push she needs to finally take control of her own life.

Genre: Romance, Drama, New Adult

A/N: This is just a short story. It’s only intended to be written creatively, used as something to get me back into writing and out of the stupid slump I’ve been wrapped up in. As this is a New Adult short story, please be aware that there will be certain content that I will give warnings for later on when the time comes. Now this is somewhat of a fanfiction, I supposed, fully inspired by the movie The Girl in the Book I had just recently watched on Netflix. Title subject to change.


Chapter One

“Hello?” Allison called when she walked into the living room of the apartment. She looked around, drinking in the usual silence as disappointment pinched at her. Although this was nothing new, and although this had been what happened every single day after school, she still hoped.

She hoped that her father would be home to warmly greet her and ask her about her day at school, just like he used to when she was in grade school, when her mother was still alive. And even though he was probably on his lunch hour at work, she had time and time again dreamed of him whisking her away to spend his lunch break with her.

If only, right?

A soft, tired sigh had left her. It had been another long day at school, another long week filled with silence, homework, loneliness, and more homework. Yeah, she had friends, but none close enough to spend time with outside of the concrete walls of the prison of a high school.

Her heavy book bag hit the crisp carpet floor of the living room and she debated on whether or not she wanted to do anything before delving into her large stack of homework waiting to consume her evening.

Hours later had her laying on her bed, fighting off the urge to nap as she flipped pages in her History book to ready for the chapter questions she was to do. She was just ready to pull out her notebook when she heard the apartment door unlock and in come her father.

She knew it was him by the familiar jingle of his keys as they fell into the little dish on the coffee table in the entry way, right above where the rug sat for their shoes. He sighed the same way every day he came home, and then just the same as well, he came over and leaned against the doorway of Allison’s bedroom, eyeing her school books and softly nodding his head, as if to silently approve.

“How much more homework do you have?” he asked her. He didn’t always ask the same questions, which was the most relief she usually felt in the day, aside from when she finally came home to be by herself after school.

Allison looked up at him with a blank face before she looked over her pile, judging what she had done and then what she had left to do. “I just finished reading the chapter I had to, I’m going to answer some questions and then I have some math problems to finish that I didn’t get to in study hall.”

Softly, her father nodded his head, taking off his glasses to rub at his tired, plain brown eyes.

“What do you want for dinner?” he asked her after he had put his glasses back on.

Allison shrugged, careless on what they ate. He always chose for them anyways even though he asked her what it was she wanted.

“Well finish your homework and get dressed. We’ll grab a salad. We have a gathering to go to tonight.”

Inwardly, Allison rolled her eyes in the back of her head. Another one of her father’s parties he was invited to. She didn’t have to go to all of them, but the ones he told her they were going to, she knew she was to go to be used to be shown off to new clients, no doubt. She knew her father was proud of her, for the way she had gotten a spot in the same college he had gone to for editing, and for the grades she had managed to keep all throughout school.

If only he knew how much she wished she wouldn’t go to that college, regardless of how little she knew she wanted of her future. All she knew was she didn’t want to become an editor and she most certainly did not want to work for her father, which was the same reason she had managed to talk him out of forcing her into a summer intern program this past summer.

“I have someone you’ll want to meet,” he murmured as he turned around and headed to his bedroom, no doubt to get a shower.

He had never said anything like that before. There was a feeling, somewhere in the back of her mind, that something was going to be different about tonight. She tried to keep her mind off of it as she struggled to focus on finishing her homework. Something was beginning to eat away at her and she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Tonight was going to be a change of pace. She could just feel it.

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