Character Interview: Addison

This is in thanks to the inspiration I got off of Amelia E. Browne’s character interviews.

Addison lowered herself onto the stiff couch beside the armchair w
here the interviewer sat. Her face was stiff, showing her discomfort. It was apparent that she didn’t want to be here.

“Now remember, Addison. This is for the kingdom’s newspaper. You’re bound to honesty,” said the interviewer.

Addison blinked, her eyebrows slightly furrowing as she looked aroundtumblr_nyp9xcSkQC1ufjjxso1_1280 the small sunny room they were in. “Do they think I’m hiding something?” she asked, sounding slightly offended.

The interviewer offered her a soft smile and sighed. “Shall we start so we can get this over and done with?”

“Yes,” Addison quickly answered.

The interviewer cleared her throat and opened the notebook she had in her lap, clicking her pad as she looked down her nose through her tiny glasses. “So we just have a few questions for you. It won’t take long, I promise.”

Addison said nothing and waiting stiffly but patiently.

“So what’s your full name?” the interviewer began.

“Addison Marie Winters.”

“Same middle name as your mother?”

Seemingly more uncomfortably, Addison nodded.

“And how old are you, Addison?”


“You’re about to be crowned princess. How does that make you feel?”

Addison raised her eyebrows, as if she hadn’t exactly expected a question such as that. A breath escaped her, almost a sigh, as she looked up at the ceiling. “Uneasy,” she finally said before she looked back at the interviewer. “Never did I think I’d be apart of anything like this.”

“And you’re getting married tomorrow too. How are you handling it?”

Addison looked down, playing with her nails as she said, “Not great apparently. I never thought I’d get married so soon in life. I mean, I am only twenty. I’ve only known my fiance for about a year and never did I expect to be thrown into a marriage with him.”

“Thrown? Are you not happy with this marriage?”

Addison’s rose pink lips formed a thin line, as if almost catching herself. “It’s not that. It’s just all happening so soon. I was hoping for at least more time to plan it how I want it to be but…”

“But you trust the queen’s decisions on the matters, right?”

“Of course.” It sounded like a lie to Addison herself, but the interviewer believed her easy enough.

“All the younger girls here in the kingdom are dying to know how you and Drew met? Can you share with us how you two came to know each other?”

Addison looked up at the interviewer again, suddenly looking less uncomfortable. “This past summer. I was waiting table’s at my friend’s restaurant and Drew was in there a lot.” Addison’s bright brown eyes softly glazed over with the memory and the interviewer could swear she had saw a hint of a smile.

A sad smile.

“But he seemed to be everywhere. I mean, it was a small town after all. You tend to see everyone there often no matter where you turn,” Addison soon added.

The interview nodded, quiet as she wrote down Addison’s answer swiftly before she took the time to ask the next few questions.

“We’ve been told you’re a fan of arts?”

“Yeah,” Addison started as she shifted in the couch, bringing her foot up to tuck up beneath her. A question she was more comfortable with, nonetheless, “I’ve been painting watercolors and drawing people since I could honestly remember. And I’ve collected and read so many books in my lifetime is crazy. It’s always been a passion of mine.”

“Now, Addison, as for our last question…what advice would you give the younger girls here in the kingdom?”

Addison was quiet as she thought over the question, her eyes scanning the wooden floor beneath them as if searching for the answer there.

“Be true to yourself. It’s important to be one of a kind, so just keep in mind that it’s okay if we’re all different.”

“Thank you, Addison. That concludes the interview for the day.”

The interviewer got up and Addison got up in suit, the two extending their hands out with respect to shake hands. She said nothing as she smiled a silent goodbye to the interviewer and left to head back to whatever it was she was doing.


4 thoughts on “Character Interview: Addison

      1. Thinking of questions is always the hardest part. My usual tactic is to think of something I don’t know about the character myself and ask them that. I always get really surprising and interesting answers. 🙂 For example, when I asked Maisha ( about her favourite memory, I had no idea what she would say until she said it. And it gets a little easier the more frequently you do it. 🙂

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