4/9/16 Camp NaNoWriMo Update

I wish I could update every day, but I don’t really see myself writing daily like that at the moment, to be honest. I’m writing regardless and I’m on schedule with my word count at least and that’s good, I hope.

I’m officially at 7,477 words now. That’s 17,523 words away from my goal but unsure how many words away from my Camp NaNo goal in general to do a finished piece (or in my case at the moment…finished part).

I’m really enjoying Camp NaNo a lot so far. And with help from a few people, I’m beginning to rediscover my characters and I’m beginning to re-imagine significant scenes new and old for the story. In a way my writing feels matured since draft #1, and I hope that it’s not just a feeling. I hope that it’s true. I strive to become a better writer every time that I work on a project similar to this.

I hope to use this weekend for chapter four. My character will begin to discover herself finally and now that she’s met her romantic interest, shenanigans can begin to happen, even though I’m beginning to get writer’s constipation since my mind is running dry with scene ideas. I started a word document on my laptop where I save new and old scene ideas that I plan to use. And even though they’re major scenes, there’s not a lot of them. Excuse me while I binge watch Netflix in hopes I’ll get new ideas for interactions between my characters…

I guess if anyone is willing to lend some help, I’d be all ears, but I know I need to learn to become independent with coming up with my own scenes…

Hope everyone’s doing well with their projects!


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