4/15/16 Camp NaNoWriMo Update

This was a much-needed update. Let’s be honest here. And after getting behind on my writing and struggling through a very boring short chapter, I had finally reached the point of the novel where more exciting things will begin to happen.

The past few day had been weird. While I had planned to write after work Tuesday, I had found myself sick. Sleeping most of the day, I didn’t really feel in the spirits of writing, so I thought I’d write the next day. And I did…just…really late. After my boyfriend had left, I stayed up til about 5am writing non-stop in my notebook and got as far as one and a half chapters.


And let me tell ya. My hand hurts like a bitch from all of that writing.

Finishing the latest chapter today, I was about to get in roughly about 5,000 words and after typing it up and updating my word count on my statistics page on Camp NaNoWriMo, I’m happy and proud of myself to announce that I am now back on track with my writing.


Going to take about a day’s break from all this writing and let my hand rest a little bit, I at least have the next six chapters all planned out and ready to be written.

So anywho. I’ve officially reached 14,575 out of 25,000 words. I’m happy with myself for now. Now onto chapter seven!


2 thoughts on “4/15/16 Camp NaNoWriMo Update

  1. Ugh, I got sick in week 2 also! It’s hard to write when you just want to sleep. You’re handwriting your whole project??? Do you always do that? I don’t think my hands could handle it!

    1. Yeah, I like the idea of writing down my work and having it on hand more so as a feeling of fulfillment. It’s touch, my hand is constantly cramping now but I’m pushing through it (in moderation of course) but I don’t always handwrite, to answer your question. I used to write everything on my computer after high school, but I missed the handwriting since in school, we weren’t allowed electronics out during class so I had to write all my fanfiction and little stories via handwriting. I remember it had even gotten to a point where I could write fast and for a long time without needing a break but I grew out of that strength, sadly.

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