4/29/16 Camp NaNoWriMo Update: 5 Day Countdown (3/5)



Two days away from the end of the first writing session and I gotta say, I’m exhausted, partially burnt-out from all this writing going on, but excited. I know for a fact that as of this early morning, I have met my word count goal with a usual 2k-ish chapter ten and one hell of a long chapter eleven. Definitely more than 3,770 words there with those two chapters combined. Just have to type them up now and validate the wordcount on the website.

I’m excited to start part two, which is my most favorite set of chapters for the whole novel. Hell, I’m just glad I’ve made it through part one after how I struggled to make it to even 20k this past september with my poor attempt at the second draft.

I sat down every single night I could this month and just wrote. The fact that the house is quiet and asleep, somehow sends me into a creative frenzy where I know I’ll have full attention on whatever it is I want to write. I guess that was my way of success this month.


Stay tuned for my last April Camp NaNoWriMo update within the next day to check out just how many words I finished the writing session off with!

Now…I’m so sleepy, sweet baby Jesus. I’m just going to finally go to bed now…



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