2016 Camp NaNoWriMo’s Project: The Journey Chapter 1

I’m not publishing this post/series to brag or be vain, or whatever. I’m publishing this for something more of a personal use. Something I can look back on later in the writing process of my novel. Like a little remembrance of some sort.

Created by Planton Tz on NaNoWriMo in November of 2015.

Chapter One: Overview

In about the seventh grade, when I first watched Ghost Rider and laid eyes on Blackheart  played by Wes Bentley, the idea for the novel had first come to mind. A soul eater who falls for a human woman. At first, its name was Flashlight and looking at the very first draft of it (yes, I still have it), I can’t help but laugh. It’s amazing how far I’ve come with my writing. My main character’s name at the time was Novena and the villain (and her lover), Dark Heart.

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