NaNoWriMo 2016: Last Minute Help/Advice & My New NaNoWriMo Bullet Journal!

There’s about 3 days left until NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) begins. I repeat. About 3 days left!


We can do this, guys!

Before I get into the last-minute help/advice I’d like to offer up, I’d like to introduce to you all, my new NaNoWriMo Bullet Journal, a bujo where I will be putting stuff for NaNoWriMo (all three events in April, July, and November) and my writing in general. I’ll be recording writing help and ideas down in there.

This was inspired by Boho Berry on youtube, who shared with the internet her NaNoWriMo Bullet Journal. You can find her video here [X] or visit her blog and read all about it here [X].


(Please excuse the awful lighting.) Currently being a neat freak and color-coding the top edges of each page to separate topics and then color-coding the table of contents page. I plan on adding some plot help pages and then by the first, a wordcount grid!

Now, onto the help/advice.

Three days is still plenty of time to plan for the first. It’s okay to become a planster at this point, it’s never too late to plan. Have no fear, I’m here to lend a helping hand.



  • Try not to write in bed. That’ll make you feel easily too lazy to write, and can even support procrastination. Make sure you have a planned-out work space to sit at each day.
  • If you know there will be a few days you won’t get to write anything, or if there will be days where you’re too tired to write after work or anything, try and make sure you have days planned out to write twice as much as your basic daily word count will be (1,667).  Better yet, if there are days and you know you’ve written your goal and you feel you can write more, eat up that feeling and write more. You never know if there will be a day where that extra wordcount can come in handy.
  • It always helps to have background noise whether it be music or a  movie/tv show. Just make sure it’s nothing too distracting.
  • Keep a notebook of some sort and a pen with you at all times. If you’re out of the house, bored, and have the free time to write, you’ll need it!
  • Keep a drink with you when you write whether it be coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. For me, it’s comforting to take a mini break from writing to take a drink. Also helps keep me thinking to keep up with my writing speed. (PSA: I saw a container of Starbucks peppermint mocha latte at my local grocery store!)
  • Try and meet up with other writing friends. Sometimes it’s helpful to have shared company where you’re both writing and focusing on similar goals.

I’m excited for NaNoWriMo to start this year. More than any other year, I think. This year I will be stepping outside of my comfort zone to work on a steampunk, action-filled romance based on a crazy chocolate-induced dream I had over a month ago.

It’s called Aerials and the main character’s name is Joule, the head engineer of a very popular European airship called Kairos. The captain of it is in love with her while she’s in love with a London upper-classman  on the ground. It’s filled with daddy-issues, steampowered pistols and shotguns, romance, fist-fights, and classic sisterly love. I hope it turns out to be everything I’m dreaming of it to be. I hope yours is what you dreamed it to be too.


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