Hide Away: Chapter Two

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A/N: I never expected to get as far as chapter two. It’s been such a long time since I had sat down and written like this, written more than a paragraph, let alone a chapter. I hope I can keep this up. Please note this isn’t edited. It’s raw. I just went at it so there are plenty of mistakes probably.


Chapter Two
Slip Away

Allison pulled at the skirt of her pastel blue dress, feeling uncomfortable in her own skin at her father’s office party. Her stomach felt empty, despite the salad she had previously eaten. After spending a good twenty minutes in front of the mirror in the woman’s restroom, Allison had managed, barely, to talk herself into showing her face to the crowd of and mingle with her father’s co-workers and clients like she knew he wanted. She couldn’t help but be shy.

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Hide Away: Chapter One

Summary: Living a quiet life with her widowed and busy father, Allison is just trying to survive what’s left of her Senior year in high school. While making final decisions for college and trying to prove to her father that she doesn’t want to work for him at his publishing company, she meets Darren, the man who just might be what’s missing in her life and may just be the push she needs to finally take control of her own life.

Genre: Romance, Drama, New Adult

A/N: This is just a short story. It’s only intended to be written creatively, used as something to get me back into writing and out of the stupid slump I’ve been wrapped up in. As this is a New Adult short story, please be aware that there will be certain content that I will give warnings for later on when the time comes. Now this is somewhat of a fanfiction, I supposed, fully inspired by the movie The Girl in the Book I had just recently watched on Netflix. Title subject to change.


Chapter One

“Hello?” Allison called when she walked into the living room of the apartment. She looked around, drinking in the usual silence as disappointment pinched at her. Although this was nothing new, and although this had been what happened every single day after school, she still hoped.

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