Why I Don’t Mind E-Readers Anymore

Books are expensive. It’s true. And while I totally get that authors are struggling artists and books have every right to be the price that they are at, they’re still a struggle for me to keep up with. I used to be able to get books from the library and read easily, but for some reason I started to feel stressed about only having the book for a week and having to manually renew it (with the chance someone was waiting for it) and I couldn’t read anymore from the library. So, I had to start buying my own books or be lucky that a friend offered to let me borrow theirs for as long as I wished.

I used to hate the idea of an e-reader. I thought it wasn’t right, that it was a disgrace to the very name of books. I even thought holding the legit book, getting to turn its pages, and even smell it was the best parts of reading.

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Twilight Reimagined?

So, when I was in Middle School (I don’t remember the year, 2008 or 2009 maybe), someone, who was my friend at the time, introduced me to Twilight. Now, before Twilight, I didn’t read. At all. The only book I ever really sat down and read before that was StarGirl and no matter what, couldn’t find anything to just sit down and read. Nothing peaked my attention. And then I was convinced to try out Twilight.

And thus, the obsession with books began.

(Disclaimer: I wouldn’t really call myself a “Twihard” to this day, but it was a game changer for me. No matter how bad of a book it seems to be to other people, it was once the world to me and because of it, my eyes were opened to so much more books out there that I realized I’d like enough to sit down and read.)

This past Sunday I was out with some friends and after we had dinner, we didn’t really want to go home and the only place really around able to hang out at still open was Barnes & Noble. So we went there and chilled and then I saw it.

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined.

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